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Below are some excerpts of emails we received from travelers through our town.If you visit us, drop us an email and tell us your impression.

" Paul,  Thanks so much for providing me the events schedule for Waterville.  Looks like there are many great opportunities to enjoy at least some of the activities in the community."  -S. S.

"Drove through your charming little town this afternoon, we were soooo impressed with the way all the homes were kept up and looked so inviting.  Whatever you are doing, keep it up!!" -Y.M.

"Hi, Paul...great job on the website! Thanks for all the excellent work so far...it is very nice!  I like the colors and the photos."-H.R.

"I had the pleasure of visiting your town this past week. Went to the fireworks display and also the swimming pool. I was quite impressed for such a small town. I am from Hutchinson Kansas and your fireworks display has them beat by far. Your pool is clean, nice and very affordable. Something to be said about small towns. Although you have to drive to Manhattan for the bigger stores, Waterville, is a town worth living in for me just for the pool and fireworks! And everyone is so friendly! Maybe some day that will happen. My daughter and son-in-law live in Blue Rapids so it would be much closer than Hutchinson! Thanks again for the nice visit."-P.B.

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